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Weight Loss Myths

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

An individual doesn’t always need to lose weight to improve their health. There are other methods to improve health than relying on weight loss alone. Activity or any kind can decrease your blood pressure, improve your mental health and help insulin resistance and diabetes. Increasing your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables is excellent for gut health and your microbiome. Small steps towards building better health habits is a sustainable way to achieve long-term better health, success doesn’t always need to be focused on kilograms lost.

If weight loss has been medically recommended, a relatively small amount of weight loss (i.e., 5-10%) can have significant health improvements. For example - If you weigh 120 kgs - a weight loss of only 6kgs can improve your health. Extra weight lost from the trunk (waistline) is the most metabolically significant. This is why your waist circumference is one of the measures used at Lifestyle Metabolic. A smaller decrease in excess body weight may be easier to maintain. Lifestyle Metabolic’s medical director; Dr Terri-Lynne South believes preventing weight regain after any loss is often more challenging than losing body weight.

BMI (body mass index – a ratio of your weight and height - ) is not the best way to determine the degree of excessive weight that may be affecting health. Although higher BMI is correlated with metabolic health conditions, your risk of weight-associated health conditions is more complex than BMI alone. Where you store excess body weight and its impact on your physical health, psychological health and function are part of a better classification and assessment tool.

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