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Referrals are not required to see the practitioners at Lifestyle Metabolic.

What to expect

A thorough and holistic assessment of your individual metabolic and excess weight concerns, health needs and lifestyle goals. The assessment will take at least 1-2 sessions and may include investigations such as blood tests, questionnaires, and body/weight measurements.

After a full assessment, education regarding options to meet your goals will result in a personalised plan to direct you towards better health. This may include referrals to other team members, either on site or using existing local referral networks. The education and planning is completed over 1-2 sessions.

Regular reviews are essential for success. Depending on your plan of action, this may mean weekly, fortnightly or monthly reviews. Your primary Lifestyle Metabolic health care professional will ensure regular communication with all your relevant health care team members. The usual life change journey takes at least 2 years to prove long-term success.

The medical practitioners at Lifestyle Metabolic do not replace your usual GP (General Practitioner).

Lifestyle Metabolic doctors have knowledge, experience and expertise in metabolic health conditions and weight excess above and beyond the regular GP and will ensure your usual GP (if you have one) is part of your team if desired and can be advised of your plan and progress.


Lifestyle Medical practitioners are highly experienced and focus only on metabolic health and weight control. To provide such a high quality service, Lifestyle Metabolic is a is private billing healthcare service, with an out of pocket gap for all consultations. As a speciality service, the fees are slightly higher. Full payment will be required on the day of your appointment and then your medicare rebate will be transferred to your bank account. The medicare rebate is the amount of money paid to you by Medicare towards the cost of your chosen healthcare service.

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