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Healthy Eating Myths

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Intuitive eating describes a type of eating behaviour or philosophy. It does not impose strict guidelines about what to eat. There are no good or bad foods when you are truly intuitive eating. The prime principle is to listen to your body and trust that it will tell you what you need., both in regard to the quantity of food and food choice.

The 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

1. reject the diet mentality

2. honour your hunger

3. make peace with food

4. challenge the food police

5. respect your fullness

6. discover the satisfaction factor

7. honour your feelings without food

8. respect your body

9. exercise - feel the difference

10. honour your health- gentle nutrition

(10 principles - from Tribole and Resch in their book: Intuitive Eating)

Q. How does this relate to weight associated health conditions?

A. It is one of the management strategies that Lifestyle Metabolic practitioners can use to help patients. Research on intuitive eating is gaining momentum. Currently evidence shows intuitive eating is linked to healthier psychological wellbeing, lower body mass index (BMI) and weight maintenance - Although it is not linked to weight loss in population studies, individual response can vary.

A. People following intuitive eating programmes can maintain this behaviour in the long term, more so than compared to a diet. Intuitive eating is sustainable and can incorporate all the principles of “normal eating”.

If you are looking for support in achieving normal or intuitive eating make an appointment to see Lifestyle Metabolic’s Director : Dr Terri-Lynne South or dietitian Annika Buwalda - Annika is HAES trained – Healthy At Every Size.

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