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Our Partners

Lifestyle Metabolic is proud to partner with like-minded health professionals. Our team members work with and collaborate with

  • Neighbourhood Medical @ Bardon

  • Queensland Bariatrics with surgeon Dr. Blair Bowden at the Wesley Hospital

  • Albany Hills Radius Medical Centre

  • Obesity Surgery Brisbane with surgeon Dr. George Hopkins at Chermside Medical Centre



Lifestyle Metabolic & Neighbourhood Medical

General Practice medical centres are ideally suited for face-to-face specific health consultations. A Lifestyle Metabolic client does not need to be a usual patient of the Neighbourhood Medical Centre but we are proud to be able to provide our quality service to the local area as well as welcoming new clients from afar.


Lifestyle Metabolic &
Queensland Bariatrics

Working with Bariatric Surgeon: Dr. Blair Bowden, Lifestyle Metabolic’s Medical Director: Dr. Terri-Lynne South will be consulting patients for follow-up, post weight loss surgery, and helping patients with non-surgical weight management.


Dr. Terri-Lynne is excited to extend her expertise to cover lifestyle, behavioural, medical, and now surgical metabolic and obesity management options.

ahrmc specilaist.jpg


Dr Terri-Lynne South &
Albany Hills Radius Specialist Centre

Dr. Terri-Lynne has been working at AHRMC (Albany Hills Radius Medical Centre) for more than 13 years. In 2021 she moved to the specialist centre, which is next door to the main medical centre and pharmacy.


Lifestyle Metabolic and Obesity Surgery Brisbane

Dr. Terri-Lynne will be joining the team at Obesity Surgery Brisbane from September 2023. She will be adding her experience of medical weight management. 

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